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nVEvents is Cloud Digital Signage Solution which is scalable & custom deployed to your requirements. Powered by the 'nCloudz' Cloud platform, nVEvents showcases variety of information - Live and Scheduled including audio, video, images & content from various social channels.

  • Promotion

    Showcase our Promotions in a creative way - may it be a smartly scheduled "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE now" to a "Food Festival Week" announcements, dynamically showcase your promotions at the right time & at the right day.

  • Live Weather Forecast

    Guests are concerned how the weather will turn out during their stay. With our LIVE Weather Forecast, guests stay updated with the weather for today & a 3 day forecast, along with 'smart weather' updated every hour.

  • Banquet Info

    Weddings or Board Meetings, showcase them in style. Schedule banquets upon confirmation (upto 3 years in advance) & they will automatically pop-up on the screen at the right time & on the right day.

  • Live Flight Schedule

    Keep your guests as well as our concierge updated with the latest flight schedule from the nearest airport LIVE. Arrivals & Departures are tracked in real-time with perfect information relayed directly from the airport.

Our Work

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nVEvents Live

Easy Customization

nVEvents is a cloud digital signage solution which is highly scalable and customized to your requirements. Powered by the 'ncloudz' cloud platform, nVEvents showcases variety of information - Live and scheduled including audio, video, images and content from various social channels.

nVEvents is your perfect assistant in providing correct and upto date information to your customers, patients and students alike.

For screen sizes as small as 10" to as large as 100" successfully running at multiple locations providing quality service.

You can customize designs as per your hotel requirements which would best suite your hotel screens. We provide the best designs from our end to make sure that are clients are completely satisfied with our services.

Cloud Backend

With the help of our simplified backend you can schedule events from wherever you are within a span of minutes the events would be scheduled on your devices

Our Cloud Powered System enables you to make changes in your system from whichever place you are round the Globe.

  • Showcase chain of hotels with common information about the group, destination & promote new locations from across the globe
  • Schedule promotions like 'Happy Hours', activated automatically as per pre-defined schedule
  • Schedule Conference & social events with rich multimedia content with repeat option

Global Support

Our success lies in our satisfied customers. Our clients too appreciate our efforts after noticing a growth in their profits, decrease in processing time and money spent on presenting their business across the globe.

With a 24x7 online presence, the clients have been able to keep up with their international business where time difference used to lead to difficulty in communications. Along with our integrated VOIP solutions, the customers are finding calling across the globe affordable and user friendly.

Improving our services and keeping up with the latest technology has helped us keep ahead of our competitors.

We constantly fine tune our services and reflect the same to all our new and existing customers alike. Based in Mumbai, India, NWDCo has a vast number of clients, across Industries spread round the globe, including USA, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Middle East, Africa to name a few.

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nVEvents in your City

October - Philippines, Hong Kong
15th Oct - 18th Oct 2015

With a vision of taking nVEvents at a Global level we have planned to visit Philippines, Hong Kong and promote nVEvents in a bigger platform.

October - Dubai
Coming Soon

With our constant efforts we have fixed up meetings with almost 50 hotels in Dubai in mid week of October

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